Comic Book Collage: Star Wars Edition

Comic Book Collage: Star Wars Edition

I was perusing through Pinterest the other day and I saw a pin that featured different ideas for newspaper art. I was intrigued by a project that showed a collage made from articles of a newspaper on a canvas. I liked the idea of making a collage on a canvas, but rather than using newspaper, I wanted to use comic books.

This project was pretty easy and inexpensive. I got my comic books from Half Price Books and the rest of my materials were from Michaels.

Materials: Canvas board, comic books, Mod Podge, scissors and a paint brush

The first thing I did was I went through and I clipped out different pictures throughout each comic book.

Cut Outs Clips

When I was done snipping out clips, I started gluing down my pieces with Mod Podge.

Mod Podge

Before you know it, your collage is almost done. Once I finished placing and gluing everything down, I applied Mod Podge as a sealer on my collage. After I applied my sealer, it took about 15 minutes for it to be completely dry.

Seal it

Next step, seal the deal with some Mod Podge.

*Applying a sealer on your collage is optional, but I would recommend it. I chose a matte finish for my project, but there are more finishes to choose from like a glossy finish or glittery finish.

So, your pictures are glued down to perfection(✓) and your sealer is dry (✓). Now what? Your comic book collage is finally finished! Find a place in your dorm room, apartment or house and display your hard work and creativity!


What do you call two suns fighting each other?  Star Wars. (Source)


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