A Bright Idea for a DIY Valentine’s Gift

A Bright Idea for a DIY Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching (2 days to be exact), and you may be short of gift idea. You can always buy your special someone chocolate and that oversize bear, or you can make a gift yourself (but still give the chocolate, you can never go wrong with chocolate).

If you opt to make your own gift, here’s an idea I thought of. My boyfriend and I always struggle with coming up with date ideas, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this one. I thought of an idea that you could write out date ideas and put them in the jar. When there is a day that your special someone and you need a day/night out together, pick an idea from the jar!

Materials: jar of some sort, paper or scrapbook paper, scissors and a pen

Optional materials: embellishments

This DIY project is super easy. Just take your paper and cut it into strips, squares or both for a variety.

Paper Slips

Once your strips are cut out, think of date ideas.

Paper Slips

Once I wrote out my ideas, I rolled up the paper. This was the easiest way for me to put my ideas into my light bulb jar. If you have a bigger jar, by all means fold your paper however you want it.

Rolled Paper

When your ideas are in the jar, you can add embellishments to turn your jar from ordinary to extraordinary.

Now you’re done, and with a gift like this, your dates won’t stop after Valentine’s Day!


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