DIY Tea-Rex Mug

DIY Tea-Rex Mug

I wanted to do an inexpensive DIY project today, and so I decided to decorate a mug. I have seen different ways to decorate ceramic mugs, and one idea I really liked showed a bunch of dots outlining a letter (like this). Instead of using an initial, I wanted to do something cool like an outline of a dinosaur. A few Google searches later, I stumbled upon the perfect silhouette of a tyrannosaurus rex (I found it here).

Materials: Awesome T-rex silhouette, ceramic mug, Sharpie markers, scissors and double sided tape

I printed off two sizes of my T-rex just so I had different options for my mug. I chose the bigger one, and from there I started cutting it out. To be honest, it took me about 20 minutes to cut out my dinosaur because of the little details by the feet, arms and teeth areas. Just be patient and precise.

Dinosaur cut out

It’s not perfect, but it will do!

Once my T-rex was cut out, I placed double sided tape on the back of my dinosaur.


I tried covering my T-rex with as much tape as possible.

When my T-rex was covered with tape, I was able to place and smooth my dinosaur out onto my mug.

The easiest part was outlining my T-rex with a million tiny purple and black dots.

Dotted Dinosaur

If you think you have enough dots, you don’t. Keep dotting! (:

Once I was done dotting around my dinosaur, I peeled off the paper.


Then, I set the oven to 300°F and immediately placed my mug inside to bake for 30 minutes. Don’t pre-heat the oven before placing the mug inside because doing so could cause the mug to heat up too quickly and can crack or shatter it. When the time was up, I turned off the oven and allowed my mug to cool down inside.

My final results were awesome! I thought my T-rex would literally be a T-wreck, but I was pretty pleased with my final results!

Suggestions and Tips

  • I would recommend hand-washing your mug just to be safe.
  • If I could change anything about my mug, I would’ve added metallic silver or gold dots just to add some variety to my mug.

Cost breakdown

*not including tax

  • Ceramic mug from Michaels – $1.99*
  • Sharpies – $1.59* each


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