5 Springtime DIY Projects

5 Springtime DIY Projects

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the smell of fresh pollen in the air the could only mean one thing– spring is here! Here are some project ideas that are perfect for spring!

1. DIY Garden Planter & Bird Bath

This DIY project idea is from the blog Home Stories A to Z. It’s creative and definitely a cute idea to do especially if you want to plant flowers this season.

2. Tin Can Planters 

If you want to plant flowers and you’re on a budget, a blog called Dos Family has the perfect project for you! Who knew tin cans could be any cooler!? This project looks simple and inexpensive. If you’ve always wanted a garden, but space is an issue, this could be a great solution!

3. DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Coming from the blog Princess Pinky Girl, this DIY project shows you how can you make your own sidewalk chalk. Embrace your youth because this idea is great for all ages and it’s cheap to make!

4. Nature Wall Art

I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought it would make a great decoration for anyone’s home. Grab some leaves and some spray paint and start making some new wall art!

5. DIY Flower Monogram 

Flowers + letters = cute monogram decor for you home! This project idea is simple and the frame around the flower monogram adds a nice touch to anyone’s wall.


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