Simple Craft Sunday: DIY Marbled Mason Jar

Simple Craft Sunday: DIY Marbled Mason Jar

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something crafty, and so I thought I’d post an easy project that takes probably not even 10 minutes to make!

I wanted to experiment with different paint colors in a jar to create a cool vase or container to store stuff in.


Materials: Jar, paint and paper towels

Like I said, this is a super easy DIY project. So the first thing I did was pick out two colors. I went with turquoise and an aqua blue color. I then poured my first color into the jar.

Once you pour the paint, take your jar and gently tilt your jar upside down so that the paint begins to drip.

PaintNext, take your other color and pour it into the jar.

Paint SwirlSame as before, just swirl it around the jar. This is the part when it begins to have the cool marbling effect. As I swirled the paint around, I decided to add another color to the mix.

I mixed in the coral color until hardly any clear glass parts were showing. Then, I turned my jar upside down and set it on a paper towel. I made sure to periodically lift and place my jar on different spots in order to drain out the excess paint.

IMG_0764It takes a few hours up to a day for the jar to completely dry. Once it’s finished, find a purpose for your jar and show it off!


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