DIY Mini Succulent Garden

DIY Mini Succulent Garden

On top of buying my mom and step mom succulent plants, my boyfriend and I decided to get some of our own too! With the plants being about $5 each, the succulents make a great, inexpensive decoration at our little apartment.

We bought 3 decent sized plants from Home Depot, and we got a planter from Michaels that was 50% off plus my discount! We’ve wanted some plants for our apartment for a while, but never really had the motivation to go to Home Depot to check out their selection.


Our galvanized planter set!

Home Depot had a variety of succulents to choose from, so we went with a California Sunset, Blue Rose Echeveria and an Aloe Crosby’s Prolific.

Just put the plants in the pots and in under 5 minutes, we created an awesome mini succulent garden to put outside our apartment!



Cost breakdown

  • Galvanized planter
    • Sale price: $7.49 at Michaels
    • My employee discount price: $5.25
  • Succulent plants
    • Regular price: $4.28 each

Estimated Total: a little less than $20


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